Egg Toast

My ideal breakfast remains an everything bagel with smoked salmon cream cheese, but T is on night shifts, so we haven’t been grocery shopping in a very long time except for the runs I’m making with E for ingredients for specific dishes. Anyway, the upshot is that I’ve had to piece together breakfast from other things.

The Correct Breakfast in absence of bagels always strikes me as involving eggs, toast, and, if possible, bacon. My personal preference is for that combination to involve as few dishes and utensils as physically possible. Thus: egg toast.


  • eggs
  • as many slices of bread as eggs
  • whatever you like on eggs

Put your bread on a┬átray that fits in a toaster oven. Crack the eggs carefully over the bread, so it all stays on the piece of bread. Add your seasonings – I used taco seasoning and pre-shredded taco cheese because cheese makes everything better and the only cheese options we have right now are taco cheese and Kraft singles. Salt, pepper, w/e, will all work, but if you’re fond of salsa or ketchup or hot sauce I’d either go light or wait until the end so the bread doesn’t get super soggy.

Toast for five minutes! Our toaster oven has various settings like ‘bake’ and ‘keep warm’ and ‘toast,’ and also a temperature control. I left it on the bread toasting settings because honestly it is morning and everything is already too complicated.

When I am actually making breakfast, I like to clean the kitchen while it goes. There’s a definite end-point in sight, but it’s kind of amazing how much you can get done in five minutes. When the toaster goes off, transfer the toast – which will be very wobbly with egg – to a plate, and microwave for 45 seconds. This cooks the egg most of the way, but it also makes the bread kind of soggy, so if you then transfer the toast back to the tray and toast it another five minutes, it should be completely cooked, with crispy toast and cooked egg white with still slightly runny yolk. Yum.