Mixed Drinks – Raspberry Liqueur and Soda

My dad accidentally picked up the wrong kind of liqueur, and was kind enough to give it to me, so I ended up with some unexpected raspberry liqueur, which is delicious.

But when looking for something to just kind of sip as the evening goes on, mixed drinks tend to work better than just drinking something straight. I had the raspberry stuff with 7Up, because that’s what we had in the house. It ended up a little sweet, but deliciously fizzy.

If you like stuff that’s not quite as sweet, getting straight soda water will give you fizz and taste a little bitter for a nice offset.

Pomegranate Bad Decisions

I went to a convention in LA – the second annual one – and one night we were planning to have a small party and play Cards Against Humanity. ‘Small’ ended up being about 15 people crammed into a hotel room, but it was awesome. We’d promised to make Bad Decisions for people, but since T and I were only flying with carryons, we had to source everything in LA, which meant modifications, since the liquor store we went to didn’t have cherry schnapps.


  • Pink Lemonade Crystal Light
  • Pomegranate Schnapps
  • Watermelon Schnapps
  • Sweet Revenge

The pomegranate ended up tasting amazing.

The preparation was in the massive pitcher we also ended up buying – it held at least a couple liters. One of those pitcher packs of Crystal Light, then fill it with water to just shy of halfway. Then half the bottle each of the two schnapps and the Sweet Revenge, put the lid on, and swirl until it’s all a uniform pink. Serve over ice.

Bad Decisions

T and I like sweet drinks, generally – I’m a fan of a decent dry red with dinner, but that’s mostly something I do with my parents. We like things sweet and fruity, which is what lead to this, uh, thing.


  • 3 parts pink lemonade
  • 1 part each watermelon schnapps, cherry schnapps, and Sweet Revenge

We make it by the pitcher, which is an important component of it leading to bad decisions. Combine the ingredients, stir, and serve with ice. Before you add the Sweet Revenge, it tastes pretty much like the liquid form of a pink Jolly Rancher, but the strawberry and the extra kick make it even more delicious.

It goes down smooth and easy.