Batch Cooking Round 2

For the second round of batch cooking with E, we made a double batch of Chicken Tortilla Soup, pasta alla puttanesca – very similar to this only made in a real kitchen – and a lazy version of this slow cooker pear and sausage stuffing. I am still taking single-serve containers of the stuffing for lunches over a week later, and it’s so delicious I might just eat it forever.

I’d made the chicken for the soup the night before, because it does a lot better if it can soak in the seasoning and we had plans for the slow cooker, so that was easy to set up and dump all the other ingredients into. Then we started on the stuffing, because that needed four hours – and that meant I could use the pan from the sausage to make the puttanesca for us to have for lunch. Planning!

I think normally we’d want to just make stuff for the week so it feels like a longer-term investment of energy, but pasta doesn’t store that well and T hates most of what’s in puttanesca, so having someone else to feed made a good excuse to make it, and then we got to eat and chill on our computers while we waiting for the stuffing to be done.

Coordinating batch cooking

IMG_1082Our fridge was getting . . . rather bare. T and I haven’t had the chance to go grocery shopping in ages, since we’re now on pretty much opposite schedules. But another friend, E, also doesn’t often have the energy to cook, and so we hatched the idea to cook a whole bunch of food together.

We made chicken stew, rosemary potatoes, and baked couscous. The nearly ten pounds of potatoes we made followed this recipeIMG_1083, and the other two will be going up following this. This worked really well for both of us, so I think it’s gonna happen every couple of weeks at least until the end of the semester. IMG_1084
Grocery List:

  • 2 rotisserie chickens
  • 10lb bag red potatoes
  • 1kg container of couscous
  • Large container of yogurt
  • family size can of cream of chicken soup
  • box of low-sodium chicken stock
  • carrots
  • frozen peas
  • head of cauliflower

Things I already had on hand:

  • olive oil
  • rosemary
  • other spices
  • water

We spent a couple hours cooking, mostly with the oven at 425°F, and then packaged it up and had food for the week. It was great.