Welcome! Also, potatoes.

Okay, so the thing is: I’m not all that adventurous a cook. My roommate – henceforth T – hates onions, mustard, spice, goat cheese, peppers, cooked tomatoes, and a whole lot of other stuff. And I cook meals for both of us, because otherwise she wouldn’t eat. I’m also a full time college student, expecting to graduate in 2016 with a BS in Liberal Studies. I work from home, so theoretically I’m around if I want to put in the time to make something fancy, but – I’m a full time student and pay my own bills.

This means that often I don’t spend all that much time cooking. We’ve moved past the frozen pizza as a legitimate life choice thing, but it was a staple for a long time. Now one of our major staples is casserole. With store brand cream of whatever soup. Ours is not the gourmet life.

But we eat pretty okay, we eat cheap, and I very rarely measure anything. These are things other people might find useful for reference! Also publicly documenting what I stick in my face will probably encourage me to remember to cook rather than just throwing a handful of pasta in broccoli cheese soup and calling that a meal. I find shame very motivating.

Dinner tonight is – well, so far it’s potatoes. At some point there’ll be a protein, probably, but I’ve got a headache, T slept for 16 hours, and we’re both still tired and cranky from a drive back from South Carolina that started midnight Friday and went to 6pm Saturday, with a brief nap in Kentucky. It is frankly a miracle that I have managed to accomplish anything today.


  • 6 potatoes (What kind? The kind that is $2.50 for a ten pound bag. They’re decent in the oven)
  • Brown Sugar Bourbon Glaze from Edwards Apple Orchard
  • Apricot Grilling Sauce, also from Edwards
  • Vegetable Oil

So I washed the potatoes and started the oven preheating to 425°F. We’ve got a decent-sized Pyrex casserole dish that I use for a lot, and I poured in a little bit of vegetable oil, because I didn’t want the sugars in the sauces to be left all alone to burn, then probably equal quantities of each of the other sauces. Between the three of them, there was enough to thoroughly coat the bottom of the dish, and coat all the potatoes with a little extra. I haven’t tried the sauces together before, but the apricot grilling sauce was transcendental with some regular old bourbon on chicken, so I think it’ll work pretty well.

Every fall near Hallowe’en, T and I go to Edwards and pick up apples and cider donuts and a frankly ridiculous quantity of anything else that looks good. It’s one of our major fall indulgences.

For the potatoes, I cut them in quarters lengthwise and then slice them up pretty bite-sized, then tossed them in the sauce. Getting everything thoroughly covered makes it cook and taste better.

Then it went into the oven for an hour and fifteen minutes. If one is not a lazy asshole, they can be mixed halfway through to get everything more evenly cooked. I just watched Being Human, though.

They end up really good, and adequately seasoned, though the sauces make proteins kind of transcendental as opposed to really good, so I think I’ll stick to using them on chicken.