Here At The End Of All Things

This blog started as a way to convince myself to eat more vegetables, a writing exercise, and an experiment. It’s been a good one! It’s pushed me to find new recipes and actually keep track of what on Earth I’m doing.

I’m going to end it here, though. I first posted on January 19, 2015, and so I’ve managed a year of this. With only a couple of hiatuses, that I posted ahead of time! I’m considering the whole experiment a success. But I have one semester left of undergrad, then graduate school, and I still work. This means I’m not really prioritizing cooking experiments: I’ve made some variation of ground turkey with artichoke hearts three times in the last month.

I hope this can provide some inspiration, or at least remind you that throwing together whatever you have is a legitimate way to cook and so is eating the same thing for a week. Take care of yourselves, and happy cooking.

Holiday Hiatus

So, this is wicked late, but I also haven’t cooked anything but bagels in the last several days because of various holiday things. And, starting tomorrow, I’ll be out of town and then be bringing someone into town. My schedule will be returning to normal in the new year, and so posts will resume again then as well.

Happy holidays!


It’s still gearing up for finals and all I’ve cooked this week is Hamburger Helper, so really I’m just proud to stick to an update schedule at all. But I haven’t been eating entirely like crap! And the reason for that is single-serve glass containers.

81er3kl-fxl-_sl1500_┬áLike, you fill your crock pot over the weekend, divvy stuff up, and throw it in the freezer. I’ve probably talked about this before, but I still have to finish personal statements for Harvard and Penn State and scan my official transcript so I really don’t care. These particular one-cup Rubbermaid glass containers are durable, show your food, and are freezer, microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe. Also they stack. We buy them in three-packs at Woodman’s because sometimes I fail at being an adult like this and having containers of soup or chili that can be heated up simply means we’re not going to Taco Bell.

I also wanted to mention – pasta and rice don’t freeze all that well, but they’ll refrigerate for up to a week, and bread, even stuffing, freezes great. Good luck with your end of semester chaos. I’m gonna go print a paper and then have a nap.


Look, I’ve handed in two papers, a research project, and two different portfolios, I have another paper to hand in in an hour, I just finished a paper ten minutes ago, and I have one more paper, three tests, and a presentation to go. Oh, and I’m also working on statements of purpose and finalizing applications for three different graduate programs. I’m not cooking a lot.

I am, actually, currently eating a microwavable container of Chef Boyardee lasagna. It has vitamins in.

There really are better options, and I had a plan this week to make one pot pasta with some peas I shoved in the freezer right after Thanksgiving and some chicken I started marinating, but then I had more stuff to do.

I assume at least some of you are in the same boat, so: survival tips. Stress compromises your immune system, the reduced sleep you’re getting because of all of your stress compromises your immune system, eating crap food compromises your immune system, and you need to be in top shape to actually function and retain information for tests.

  • When you inevitably order enough Chinese to feed a small army/last for three or four meals for two people, make sure you order at least a couple things with veggies in.
  • Emergen-C
  • No caffeine within six hours of when you want to go to bed
  • Drink water
  • Try to eat the same times and quantity you usually do
  • If other obligations can slide while you do this, let them slide. Or, better, reschedule.


If you ever look at my posts and think ‘nope, that has five whole ingredients, fuck that,’ I have the blog for you: The Low Effort Cookblog. The philosophy is easy food and assistive devices for when cooking is just not a thing. Which is me some of the time, but when I have the energy and free time I actually like to cook, and I tend to be at least somewhat budget-conscious.


This is going up while I’m somewhere in California: later today I fly back to Wisconsin, tomorrow I do laundry and pack, and Wednesday I leave for Russia, where I will be living in dorms with a microwave and a hot plate. I might manage some posts about Russian food, but I’m also going to be taking a full courseload. Feel free to check out my Instagram, where I’ll be posting pics of my trip and probably the food I encounter along the way.

Recipe Pinterest

Even though I tend to use recipes more as loose guidelines, I have a huge collection of recipe bookmarks that I’ve been slowly moving over to my Pinterest. So if you want to check out some of the recipes that inspire me – the ones that come with actual measurements – you can check them out there.