Here At The End Of All Things

This blog started as a way to convince myself to eat more vegetables, a writing exercise, and an experiment. It’s been a good one! It’s pushed me to find new recipes and actually keep track of what on Earth I’m doing.

I’m going to end it here, though. I first posted on January 19, 2015, and so I’ve managed a year of this. With only a couple of hiatuses, that I posted ahead of time! I’m considering the whole experiment a success. But I have one semester left of undergrad, then graduate school, and I still work. This means I’m not really prioritizing cooking experiments: I’ve made some variation of ground turkey with artichoke hearts three times in the last month.

I hope this can provide some inspiration, or at least remind you that throwing together whatever you have is a legitimate way to cook and so is eating the same thing for a week. Take care of yourselves, and happy cooking.

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