I had plans to get actual cooking done this weekend, since I’m done all my papers and have all my applications in, but that hasn’t happened. I have made progress on my knitting! And we had marinated chicken and instant mashed potatoes for dinner last night.

But we’re short on stuff – like, I have blocks of cream cheese and one egg, but nothing to make a cheesecake crust with, and I didn’t feel like making fudge today.

It’s hard to get out grocery shopping when I’m out from 7am-6pm Mon-Thurs and T works 6pm-6am Thurs-Sat. We barely see each other! It’s kind of annoying. But it’s also been why I’ve been exploring ordering groceries online – it seems kind of extravagant until I checked and one store that’s close by does free delivery of more than $100. I wouldn’t want to get, like, produce that way, or eggs, but we’re discussing how much the convenience of not having to navigate our ridiculous schedules is balanced by the things we tend to pick up that we haven’t thought of ahead of time and the whole bit where T might end up an agoraphobic hermit if not sometimes required to go out in public.

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