It’s still gearing up for finals and all I’ve cooked this week is Hamburger Helper, so really I’m just proud to stick to an update schedule at all. But I haven’t been eating entirely like crap! And the reason for that is single-serve glass containers.

81er3kl-fxl-_sl1500_ Like, you fill your crock pot over the weekend, divvy stuff up, and throw it in the freezer. I’ve probably talked about this before, but I still have to finish personal statements for Harvard and Penn State and scan my official transcript so I really don’t care. These particular one-cup Rubbermaid glass containers are durable, show your food, and are freezer, microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe. Also they stack. We buy them in three-packs at Woodman’s because sometimes I fail at being an adult like this and having containers of soup or chili that can be heated up simply means we’re not going to Taco Bell.

I also wanted to mention – pasta and rice don’t freeze all that well, but they’ll refrigerate for up to a week, and bread, even stuffing, freezes great. Good luck with your end of semester chaos. I’m gonna go print a paper and then have a nap.

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