Sausage and Pear Stuffing

This recipe for slow cooker pear and sausage stuffing looked amazing, but also like it involved effort, so we simplified it a bit.


  • some onion
  • two boxes stuffing mix
  • roll of pork sausage (meant to get two but forgot – it’d probably work either way)
  • half a bag of dried cranberries
  • 5 pears
  • 3 eggs
  • butter
  • chicken broth

Again, I had an assistant, which made some things easier: E did the pears while I did everything else. You could probably do it while the sausage is cooking, though.

Start the sausage on medium-low on the stove.

Cut a couple tablespoons of butter into slices and put those in the crock pot. It says melt it, but whatever, who wants to do dishes? Add a couple generous splashes of chicken broth and the eggs to the crock pot and stir vigorously with a big nylon spoon that won’t scratch the crock pot. It’ll be sort of goopy. It is apparently supposed to be sort of goopy. Whatever!

Poke at the sausage.

Add half a bag of dried cranberries to the crock pot, start slicing pears, and add those as you go. The goopy egg stuff will stop the pear from browning – though it shouldn’t take that long, so that wouldn’t be much of a concern anyway.

Poke at the sausage. Is it almost done? If it is, add some of the half-sautéed onion you keep in your freezer because who the fuck wants to smell raw onion every time they have to cook with it?

When the sausage is done, add it to the fruit. Mix that together, then add one of the boxes of stuffing. Mix all of that together. Then add the second box of stuffing and it will become apparent why you’ve done the mixing in multiple stages: the crock pot will be pretty full. Like, awkwardly so. Pour some chicken broth over the top, then carefully mix the stuffing more. You should be getting some of the good stuff from the bottom, like butter slices and cranberries. Add some more chicken broth: I used a total of about half a box.

Put the lid on and stick it on high for four hours, stirring in the middle. It tastes absurdly amazing, stores well, and reheats perfectly.

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