Chicken Noodle Soup

I got sick a week or two ago – some stomach thing that meant I took my first-ever trip to Urgent Care and left me feeling like I’d been hit by a truck for a couple days before disappearing without a trace. After the first couple days, I eventually felt well enough to contemplate sick-person food. Canned chicken noodle soup mostly tastes like salt to me, and gives me headaches if it’s not the low-sodium stuff, but luckily making it from scratch only takes like 20 minutes, and you can take breaks.Chicken Soup


  • couple chicken thighs
  • some kind of grease (butter, olive oil, vegetable oil, whatever)
  • handful of noodles
  • bouillon cube or low-sodium broth of some kind
  • seasoning
  • frozen veg if you’re feeling particularly ambitious and coordinated

Get out a non-stick pot and cut your chicken into it with kitchen shears. Add a bit of your grease and turn it to medium, then ignore it for like five minutes. Move the chicken around a bit, then toss in your bouillon cube, seasoning (I used paprika, garlic, salt and pepper), and a couple cups of water. Turn the heat up a bit – or don’t, whatever, this is not meant to be a mentally involved cooking exercise – and, when it comes to a boil throw in the pasta. Small pasta’s probably easier, but if fettuccine’s a necessary part of your comfort food experience, go for it. The pasta should take as long as indicated on the box. If you’re doing veggies, throw them in when you’ve still got a couple minutes to go.

When the pasta’s tender, you’re ready to go. Most recipes I see give servings, and some even apply the magic power of math as applied to measurement for calories, but this is a judgement-free zone. This made a bowl each for T and I, but it’s easily alterable and if you’re feeling as sick as I was it’s a tremendously legitimate life choice to just sit down with the whole thing and a sleeve of crackers and devour the whole thing.

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