Rosemary Salt Potatoes

When I got home from Russia, I was overjoyed to be reunited with my spice cupboard. Sad to leave Russia, happy to see loved ones, but: spice cupboard. I celebrated by making something simple but with one of my favorite seasonings.


  • potatoes
  • rosemary
  • salt
  • olive oil

Add some oil to a pan and crush some dried rosemary to go in it – it’ll still be pretty chunky bits of rosemary, but who cares? Rosemary is delicious and smells amazing.

Start the oven preheating to 425°F and start cutting up potatoes. Toss them in the oil. Right before you stick it in the oven, sprinkle some salt over it: sea salt is preferred, because the bigger granules won’t all dissolve while cooking and it matches the rosemary better so you get the little bursts of flavor from biting down on both things. Bake for an hour and fifteen minutes, devour while catching up on missed Hannibal episodes.

One thought on “Rosemary Salt Potatoes

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