Potatoes and Chicken

The little corner store near the dorm had a corner that contained both ready-made soups like ramen and also spices. The seasoning I used for this was from that corner, so I honestly have no idea if it was supposed to be vaguely tomatoey seasoning or some king of tomato-vegetable soup. Student life and linguistic incompetence for the win.


  • can of corn
  • pound of ground chicken
  • ketchup
  • salt and pepper
  • like half a packet of whatever seasoning that was
  • potatoes

Start the potatoes boiling and the meat browning about the same time and the timing works out pretty well. Put salt and pepper on the chicken while it’s browning so that it has at least some flavor starting out.

The potatoes probably take ten minutes if you’ve cut them into chunks, but periodically stab one with a fork to check for texture. Stabbing is probably the most fun way to check doneness in anything. When the potatoes are done, drain them and add them to the chicken. Drain the corn and throw that in, too, then add a couple squeezes of ketchup and some other seasoning. If you have access to weirdly fancy things like ‘spices you know the names of,’ then any kind of spice you’d associate with a summer barbecue flavor would probably complement it well.

Serve immediately.

It takes two pots, which is more than what I’d usually prefer for something I’d call quick and easy, but it also takes less than half an hour total, which is pretty good.

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