Olive and Pesto Pasta

One of the great things about the grocery stores near the dorm was that they mostly had cans with tabs to open them – this was great because we didn’t have a can opener.

  • can of olives
  • pesto
  • pasta

Add a protein of your choice, too, or cheese, but it was pretty good on its own. Cook the noodles, drain, add stuff.

One thing, if you’re short on time or starving because you’ve spent all day walking around – boiling water in a kettle is faster than on the stove. Well, if you have one of those electric kettles where the element is actually in the water. So stick a little water in the bottom of the pot and stick that on the stove on high. If your stove is super questionable the way that outs was, it’ll only barely have started steaming by the time the kettle goes off. Put the noodles in the pot, cover with the boiling water, leave on high until the water’s boiling again, and your pasta’ll be ready pretty quickly.

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