Mac and cheese

So, one thing about mac and cheese is that you can make it just by applying cheese to macaroni. And in Russia, that seemed way easier than making cream sauce, and boxed mac and cheese was completely unavailable. Which meant I was making comfort food – and trying to be healthy – with as few ingredients as possible.

  • macaroni noodles
  • some kind of cheese that was roughly the consistency of a block of Colby Jack
  • can of mixed carrots and peas
  • meat of some sort – looked like a thing of hard salami?

Okay, so nothing was really labelled. Like – I know it was cheese. And you can use any kind of cheese that grates okay and melts nice. And the meat was some kind of strongly flavored cured sausage thing that looked good – you can honestly use whatever, but I wanted something strongly flavored to pair with the mild cheese, plus not to have to cook it separately.

Start the water boiling and start grating the cheese. Hopefully you’ll be done the cheese by the time you throw the noodles in, and then you can slice the sausage thing. When the noodles are done, drain them, then put them back in the pot. Add the cheese and meet, drain your can of veggies, throw those in, and stir everything together. The residual heat should melt the cheese, and you’ve got a quick dinner that has most of the major food groups.

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