• Frozen bread dough

    Attempt 1, with individual ropes


    Attempt 2, with cheating

  • butter
  • rosemary
  • garlic
  • cheese
  • sea salt

Let the dough rise according to package directions before you start – mine said four hours on the counter. Then I made the filling – the first one, I melted butter in a small dish and added a couple teaspoons of garlic, a ton of rosemary, and a handful of shredded cheese.

I then proceeded to cut the dough into three individual chunks and roll them with my hands into ropes. When I had three ropes about the same length, I rolled them out, then put some of the butter garlic mix in the middle, then tried to pinch it back into a rope with stuff in the middle. Then I braided the three ropes together. It was – it didn’t work out that pretty, though it was delicious. More cheese went on top, and it went in the 350°F oven for 22 minutes, which was the longer end of the package directions for the dough.

For the second attempt, I rolled out the dough all in one piece, then filled the middle with garlic, rosemary, and fresh-grated parmesan. Then I cut an equal number of slits in each side and did the sort of pretend-braiding thing you can see above. I did a wash with melted butter, then sprinkled sea salt on top and stuck it in the oven for 22 minutes again. That one worked out significantly easier to slice.

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