Eggs and Mushrooms

Mm, breakfast.We had some mushrooms that needed using up and we’ve been keeping eggs in-house more often, so breakfast seemed like a great way to take care of them.


  • eggs
  • mushrooms
  • garlic
  • butter

We buy the little things of pre-sliced mushrooms. They’re like ten cents more than the not-sliced ones, and I’d really rather not fiddle with having to do all that chopping. So I just needed to slap a little bit of butter in the pan, turn it to medium-low, and rinse the mushrooms.

Drop the mushrooms in the pan, toss in some diced garlic, and ignore it for a while: they need to sautée down.

When they’re mostly done, crack a couple eggs on top, add a little pepper and seasoning salt. Cook the eggs until they’re the way you like them, and serve.

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