The miracle of leftovers

So we’ve got these one-cup Pyrex containers that are microwavable, oven-safe, and dishwasher safe, and they are the perfect size for a single serving. On days when I have too much to do to really function, I can take the lid off and pop one of those in the microwave and not worry about multiple dishes or cooking time or putting together a coherent meal or stopping work on any of what I’m working on.

. . . as you might be able to tell, I’ve got some paper deadlines coming up.

In the fridge I have some of those Pyrex containers, full of potato soup. I just take the lid off and stick them in the microwave for two minutes and then eat it. I know some people don’t like leftovers, though, and one way to make it not feel like leftovers is to add a little bit of shredded cheese to the container either before or after microwaving it. Then it’s got, like, presentation involved. Good presentation makes everything more appetizing. I’m not usually that big on it, but when I’m stressed out, the mere fact of something being full of potato isn’t always enough to make me love it, and my brain seems to be fooled even if I did all the cooking and storing and presentation myself.

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