Pizza Rolls

Sometimes I like to be able to make things in batches so I can just grab them to go later. Sometimes I like to make things in huge batches because to be honest I don’t really know how to cook for more than either just myself or myself and T, and you can’t go wrong with ‘lots.’ One of my favorite things to make in batches is pizza rolls.


  • frozen pizza dough
  • pizza pepperoni
  • marble cheese
  • sea salt
  • Italian seasoning

This is the pepperoni I use: usually one of these packages goes with three pizzas worth of dough and a medium block of cheese.

It’s not complicated! It takes a little more time than some of my other recipes, but I can stand at the kitchen island and talk to people or watch TV while I’m working on it.

Cut the cheese into little cubes. Sandwich it between two pieces of pepperoni. Wrap that in a chunk of pizza dough – enough that it’s wrapped completely, but not a huge ball of it. Roll it out flat if you want, but I’ve had pretty good luck just sort of smashing it with my hand and then stretching it into place. Place the roll on a non-stick baking tray with like an inch of clearance on each side. Repeat until the tray is full, then sprinkle some sea salt and Italian seasoning on top.

And then you have two options: for crispier rolls that are a delicious golden brown on top bake them 15-16 minutes at 425°F, or for slightly doughier rolls that freeze spectacularly well for eating as leftovers bake them 20-ish minutes at 350°F.

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