Steak Stroganoff

I’ve wanted to learn to make half-decent steak stroganoff for a while, since T gets it semi-regularly when we go to Noodles. The first time I tried it was from a Hamburger Helper box and . . . yeah, we haven’t tried that again.

But now it’s winter, and also we haven’t gone grocery shopping in ages, so it was as good a time as any.


  • 1lb stew beef
  • all purpose flour
  • butter
  • pepper
  • garlic salt
  • 1 can cream of mushroom soup
  • garlic
  • onion
  • pasta

So I started my pasta water on high and a large non-stick frying pan with butter in on medium. Then I put a couple teaspoons of flour in a bowl and added a little pepper and a little more garlic salt. I just stirred the flour thing with my finger, because it’s not important that it be well mixed: you’re using it to coat the meat. Just, like, drop pieces in, make sure there’s white on each side, put it in the frying pan.

Stroganoff: tastes way better than it looksBrown the meat – which, let’s be real, I have no idea how to gauge. I turned the meat a minute or two after it was all in, and cooked it until the pasta water came to a boil. Added the pasta to the water, added a bit of my pre-sautéed onion and a teaspoon of diced garlic to the meat pan. Let that go another minute or two, then dumped the can of mushroom soup on top and added half a can of water. Mixed that sort of frantically because it looked disgusting and lumpy, and had to turn the heat down low. Probably add a little more pepper now, and some salt if you want it.

When the pasta is done, get a call from the mortgage guy at the bank about initial information stuff and panic wildly while frantically trying not to let the pasta get overcooked. Alternatively, add the pasta to the meat whatever and stir.

Fresh sautéed mushrooms would also be nice, but it’s really good as is, and great for things you can throw together.

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