Potatoes and chicken

I wanted to make something simple, because I’ve been kind of busy today, so I made one of our standbys: potatoes and chicken.



  • like 10 potatoes
  • oilve oil
  • seasoning salt
  • italian seasoning
  • garlic salt
  • pepper

We like potatoes a lot, and eat this particular recipe in almost endless variation. Put some oiive oil in the bottom of whatever oven-safe dish you’re using. A baking sheet would actually probably be most efficient and get you the crispiest potatoes, but our largest two baking sheets don’t fit in the dishwasher, so I pretty much always use one of our casserole dishes. If you want a spice combination that doesn’t work well with olive oil, switch it up with vegetable oil or w/e.

I add most of the spices at the beginning, because you want it kind of like a thin paste so that you get even coating and things don’t burn. And, like, lots of everything but pepper. Potatoes eat seasoning! And that’s why you want garlic salt instead of garlic, for once: it coats a lot better.

Cut them up, make sure there’s enough olive oil and seasoning, and stick them in the oven at 425°F for like an hour and fifteen minutes.



  • two chicken thighs
  • apricot marinade
  • bourbon

I had the chicken thighs marinating in apricot grilling sauce for a day, then dumped them in a frying pan with a shot of bourbon. It tastes delicious! Sautée at medium heat for like 10-15 minutes or until it looks cooked.

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